Tasmanian Police to be honoured at Australian Search and Rescue Awards


Editor’s Note: AUSINFORMER congratulates the Tasmanian Police for their bravery and help. We’re proud of you! (photo credit- Tasmania Police Facebook page) 2 October 2014.An extraordinary rescue by Tasmanian Police officers is being recognised at the National Search and Rescue

New talent search for Sydney and Melbourne

starsearchfor show

A new talent search in Sydney and Melbourne is currently ongoing launched by a new entertainment group based in Sydney. Radiant Star Entertainment is looking for artists who they hope to feature in two shows it is producing next year

Marlisa’s Fans Corner- Meet her “biggest” fan


As her fans and supporters know, Marlisa (now in the top 5 of X-Factor Australia) is celebrating her 15th birthday today, first October 2014. We’ve known this young talent since she was just  12 years old and have seen how

Diverse weather conditions for Sydney and Tasmania


30 September 2014. Sydney and Tasmania are currently experiencing diverse weather conditions. Sydney was tipped to post its hottest temperatures for September. According to weatherzone- “Weather was expected to  reach at least 32 degrees for two days running in a

SUPER love that Marlisa’s in the top 5 of X-Factor Australia!


( Photo credits- Marlisa’s Facebook page) 29 September 2014. As X-Factor Australia gets closer to the grand finals, only five contestants remain, and one of them Marlisa Punzalan still cannot believe she’s in the top five! The young singer’s captivating

Total Fire ban Sunday, the earliest fire ban in the history of Tasmania


28 September 2014, Tasmania- Sunday was declared total fire ban for the southerm region of Tasmania. This is the earliest fire ban ever declared in in the history of Tasmania. There was excessuve windy conditions that caused several fires in

Racist hate speech back in the agenda


EDITOR’S NOTES: Back to Old Tricks? We hope the old scare tactics of the previous Liberal leader are not going to work on the public this time around. People should make more informed choices and think for themselves and not